Anjali Chowdhury Biography

It is the first anniversary of the death of Anjali Chowdhury Bain. She passed away on May 29, 2021, about 6 months after she was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. She was 63.5 years of age at her passing, as per her secondary school date of birth record. Anjali Chowdhury was born in the village of Khagbari in what is now the district of Gopalganj, Bangladesh. She was the youngest child of Aynamati and Adhar Chandra Chowdhury. She was also the beloved baby sister of Upendranath Chowdhury, who was a secondary school teacher and instrumental in her education.

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After completing her secondary education at East Kotalipara Union High School, Anjali Chowdhury attended Eden Mohila College in Dhaka, where she completed her higher secondary education. She entered Dhaka University in its Chemistry BSc Honors program in 1976, where she met Sukhamaya Bain. They started dating in 1977, decided to marry each other in 1979, and got married in July 1981. After completing her MSc degree at Dhaka University in 1982, in March 1983 she came to the USA, where her husband was a PhD student at Iowa State University.

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After an MS Degree from Iowa State University, she worked at several organizations, including as research scientist at Molecular Geriatrics Corporation, Pfizer and NIH, following which she was a chemistry reviewer at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). She was on sick leave from FDA at her passing at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center of Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Mrs. Bain was a sponsor and advisor of the Laxmi-Phanindra Foundation, the Upendranath Chowdhury Trust, and the Ramshil Union Progati Gronthagar. The Upendranath Chowdhury Trust has recently established the Anjali Chowdhury Bain Scholarship, which is awarded to the local community students who have successfully competed for admissions to outstanding post-higher secondary educational programs in Bangladesh and have maintained excellent academic performances there.

The Ramshil Union Progati Gronthagar has also recently decided to name their new building as Anjali Chowdhury Bain Vaban. Both of these enterprises are financed by funds that she left behind. At the age of just 14 years, Anjali joined the freedom fight for Bangladesh in 1971, taking military training in West Bengal.

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She loved her motherland, her family and her friends. In terms of a broader philosophy, she was a humanist who cared about justice for all kinds of people. For her simple and amiable personality, she was loved and respected by many; and she will remain a role model for her empathy and compassion for all.

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