Want to lose weight like Taslima Nasreen?

Netizens almost became ecstatic after a post by the controversial writer Taslima Nasreen, after she claimed to lose around 20 kgs of weight last Tuesday night.

In her Twitter account, she also mentioned being elated about wearing her favourite summer trousers, saris and casual shirts once again. Most of the comments that followed either expressed gratitude to the author on her achievement or inquired about the details of the accomplishment. While we do not exactly know How Taslima Nasrin reduced her weight so effectively Here’s a few pointers from Star

Lifestyle: Weight loss tips Photo: Collected Eating regular meals This helps in the prevention of unnecessary binging on food. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables It helps the body gain enough refreshment and nutrition on its own so that it does not crave for vitamins and minerals from elsewhere. Get more active

There’s no way to rule exercise out. Regular exercise will not only help in shedding off the extra fat but will also help keep the body active and the blood circulation flowing productively. Drink plenty of water A dehydrated body will be unable to function well and will always feel lethargic.

Hence at least 2-3 litres of water consumption are necessary for a fit and healthy body weight. Read food labels Yes! We cannot stress enough on it. While most of the time we do plan on skipping sugar and artificial sweeteners, we get bombarded with these hidden ingredients in packages foods. In that case, experts suggest to read labels before buying any food item.

Use a smaller plate This works as magic. And you do not even feel guilty about not eating enough to fulfil your energy cravings.

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Sleep Better Experts suggest at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night, so that the body can function well the next day. While we congratulate the author on effective losing her weight and feeling good about it, we also look forward to her sharing her method of reaching her weight goals.

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